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Know who will win before anyone even sets foot in court.

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Find the solicitors, barristers and law firms with the highest winning chances.

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See the litigation history of individuals, corporations and government agencies.

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Calculate your winning chances and understand which factors are driving the outcome.

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Investigate the litigation history of solicitors, barristers, judges, individuals, corporations and government agencies.

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Executive Team

Like many great companies, CourtQuant started with two friends in a dorm room.

Jozef Maruscak


Jozef runs the company. He read law at Cambridge and serves on the board of the Slovak Debating Association. He's worked for law firms, non-profits and startups in the past, managing teams and market research. He enjoys (watching) mixed martial arts. Almost everyone in his family is a judge - awkward!

Ludwig Bull


Ludwig builds the product. He also read law at Cambridge while (secretly) taking computer science classes at Cambridge and Stanford. Ludwig has experience developing everything from chatbots to search engines. He practices martial arts and runs marathons for fun.

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